This is the home page of the journal Compositio Mathematica. This journal is owned by the Foundation Compositio Mathematica. It is the purpose of the foundation to publish first-class mathematical research papers. By tradition, the journal published by the foundation focuses on papers in the main stream of pure mathematics. This includes the fields of algebra, number theory, topology, algebraic and analytic geometry and (geometric) analysis. Papers on other topics are welcome if they are of interest not only to specialists. All contributions are required to meet high standards of quality and originality and are carefully screened by experts in the field.

Since January 2004 the journal is published in cooperation with the London Mathematical Society. The subscription price has been lowered significantly since then. For subscription and prices contact At you can access the list of contents and abstracts freely. Subscribers can access with their password the full text at Old volumes can be accessed at the Numdam website.

Compositio Mathematica adheres to the Ethical Policy of the LMS.