The Foundation COMPOSITIO MATHEMATICA is the foundation behind the journal "Compositio Mathematica". It has the aim of publishing first class papers in the central areas of mathematical research and supporting mathematics and mathematical research. The journal itself was founded in the 1930's by L.E.J. Brouwer (known from the Brouwer Fixpoint Theorem and one of the founders of Algebraic Topology) after his clash with Hilbert concerning Mathematische Annalen. The foundation itself dates from 195? The journal was published for many years in cooperation with Kluwer Academic Publishers and its Dutch predecessors. In view of the ever rising journal prizes the Foundation decided before the turn of the century to stop the cooperation with commercial publishers and opted for cooperation with the learned society The London Mathematical Society. The actual change took place on January 1, 2003. Printing and distribution are taken care of by Cambridge University Press.

Since the change of publisher the subscription price has been reduced considerably. It is still a substantial price, but the net result of this joint venture is fed back into mathematics via the London Mathematical Society and the Foundation COMPOSITIO MATHEMATICA. The foundation supports mathematics via subsidies for mathematical conferences, prizes for mathematical accomplishments and other initiatives.

The address of the Foundation is Foundation COMPOSITIO MATHEMATICA, c/o Prof. G. van der Geer, secretary, Postbus 94248, 1090 GE Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The board of the foundation: Prof. J.H.M. Steenbrink (president), Prof. J. Wiegerinck (treasurer), Prof. G. van der Geer (secretary), Prof. M.S. Keane, Prof. I. Moerdijk, Prof. M. van der Put.

Every three years the Foundation Compositio Mathematica awards a Prize for the best paper published in Compositio.